What is Collision Insurance?

Car insurance offers compensation for various repairs or medical related costs incurred in the event of an accident. Collision insurance is a type of auto coverage that provides protection to drivers in the event of a loss or damage to their property or their vehicles. This usually occurs due to an accident on the road, such as a collision, a rear ender or single vehicle accident.

Collision Insurance Quotes

Every state is different when it comes to their car insurance requirements but most will include basic liability coverage as part of their mandatory policy. Collision insurance is not required by law but this does not mean you should go without it. When you are looking to renew or insure for the first time, make sure you look for a policy that includes this important level of protection.

In many states collision insurance is necessary and part of a full coverage policy which also includes comprehensive insurance as well as general liability coverage. While collision insurance pays for on road expenses that you are liable for, comprehensive coverage pays for off road expenses caused by a third party or an act of God. This includes things like theft and vandal damage as well as hit and run damage and damage from a storm or fire. Purchasing full coverage will be more expensive than basic coverage but not by a lot and most drivers are happy to pay the higher premium for the added level of protection and security on and off the roads. This, of course, will depend on each individual driver’s situation, however.

Do I Need Collision Insurance?

Whether you choose to add collision coverage to your policy will depend on a number of things. If you are living in a state that operates under a tort system, then you may think that property damage protection is enough to cover your costs but this is actually not the case. While property damage protection will pay for damage to the other driver’s car or damage to any property impacted by the incident if you are liable, this protection will not pay for your own expenses and loss of property. If you are found liable for the accident, then you will be responsible for paying all related costs, including damage to your car. This is why we purchase collision insurance.

Driving without collision coverage is a risk to say the least. By driving without it you are assuming that you will not be in an accident and if you are, you will not be responsible for it. Even if you have never been in an accident before, you never know when you might step out of line and this small lapse in judgment could result in a serious accident.

Many drivers choose to take the risk and insure without collision protection, especially if they are driving an older car. However, the harsh reality is, if you are without this coverage and caused an accident, then you will lose money as well as your vehicle. Even if your car is only valued at $1000, this is still $1000 that you will lose if you are not insured with collision coverage.

Collision insurance allows you to drive on the roads risk-free. Every time you get into your car you can be rest assured that you are protected from any accidents on the road, from rolling your car on a sheet of ice to colliding with another vehicle. Although you do not want to think about these events happening, car accidents do occur on a daily basis. Protect your financial future and ease your mind by investing in collision insurance on your policy.

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