Used Car Inspections

Used car inspections should be used by everyone considering purchasing a used vehicle from a private owner or a retail car lot. This is your prerogative in terms of what you are legally allowed to do before committing to a binding purchase contract. You have the right to bring in a certified mechanic of your choice to look over the vehicle from hood to trunk and make sure that everything is in working order, same goes for when you begin insuring a new automobile.

Sometimes you might be able to get the cost of these inspections covered in the amount of the loan later, but even if you can’t, they are still worth the time and cost. Once you have purchased a used car from a private individual, it’s sold on an as-is basis. This means that if any problems come up from the moment you drive away, you agree to cover those costs yourself. You cannot recover any of these from the previous owner, even if you take them to court.

When you purchase a used car from a car lot, there may be cases when some of the original manufacturer warranty is still with the car. In these cases, it then transfers to you with your signing of the contract. This should cover most of the major problems as they occur, but if you find there are excessive problems with the car, you do have options. Because you purchased from a car lot, you are guaranteed certain things like expectation that everything will work and run as advertised.

If you come up with excessive problems and catch them right away, the lemon law may apply. You can take this case to a civil court and be awarded the price of the car, or at the very least the price of the necessary repairs. Taking time to hire a mechanic to look the car over, even in car lot cases, is going to be much more fruitful and less demanding on your time than having to deal with a lemon in the first place.

In order to get a price on used car inspections, you can either call around to your local mechanic shops, or you can check online. They advertise special rates for this service, and can fit you into their schedule fairly quickly most of the time. There may be times that you can offer to cover their travel costs, and have them to come to the vehicle instead. This can be efficient if it’s still in town, but at a car lot or some other place that’s hard to get the vehicle off the ground pre-purchase.

Another document that can help you make a decision regarding a used car purchase is what they call a Carfax report. This is something offered by the DMV that lists every reported accident the vehicle has been involved in, as well as what damage occurred and the cost to repair it. Depending on what that damage is and how much re-structuring repair had to be done, you may reconsider your decision to proceed with that particular vehicle. This information will also tell you how many previous owners have been registered to that car.

Between the expertise of the mechanic and the research on the background of the vehicle, you should be able to acquire a helpful used car inspection. Anything that avoids problems at a later date is going to be worth the time and money it takes to get done. Take advantage of these services and legal rights while you can, and avoid having to pay for unnecessary repairs or fees after the completed purchase.

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