Turning Down Headlights for Approaching Cars

When you're driving on cloudy days or at night, then you will be aware of turning down headlights for approaching cars. While this is considered common driver etiquette, like cleaning auto tires it is also something that not everyone participates in. However, it is the law and if you don't comply, you may find yourself in quick possession of a citation or moving violation that could have been prevented. Ignorance is not an excuse either because every driver is taught about this subject before they receive their official driver's license. In fact, there may also be some questions about this on your driver test that is completed by the local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Legal Procedures and Information Refreshers

For those drivers who are trying to refresh their minds on what this legal procedure is, here is a certain aspect you can use. If you are coming up behind another car in your lane, then you need to turn these headlights down 350 feet from that car. Otherwise, you take a chance of blinding the driver in front of you and making it very difficult for them to see in their rear view mirrors in the middle or on the sides of the car. This is important because you want other drivers to give you the same courtesy when they are driving up behind your own vehicle.

When cars are approaching you in the opposite lane, and you have your headlights on, then the distance is 500 feet. This is enough distance for them to see you and give their eyes time to adjust. You'll find that this is noted in the driver's handbook for all new drivers to learn about and read through in order to avoid any confusion. Of course, this procedure will be different during the day but it always applies if you have your high beams on. Even during the day, this can be very distracting for other drivers who are heading your way and can cause them vision problems.

Using Online Sources

You can find this information online at all times however, just in case you can't get in touch with anyone official who is familiar with these kinds of questions. The articles and information sources are of course free to access and you don't lose anything but a few minutes of time in order to make sure you're driving correctly. If you have questions about headlights and what you can do to make them safer, then check with your auto manual as well. This will help you make sure they are always operating safely and correctly when you're on the roads. Other than that, it's very difficult to check these things while you're actually driving on the highways.

For the subject of turning down headlights for approaching cars, you certainly want to make sure you watch the maintenance of your vehicle on a regular schedule so you don't miss any important problems. Make sure they are focused straight ahead and not pointing either too high in the air or down on the road itself, you need to have them shining out ahead of your car to see what's ahead. Whether you do this yourself or have a professional mechanic do the job for you, it's something you don't want to leave out of your regular checkup process when these are done. Also, keep them polished and clean so that a haze doesn't develop and dim the lights more than the dimmer switch would on its own. Bright, clean and aligned headlights are the best and safest way to go.

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