Teaching Your Teen How to Drive Safely

Teaching your teen how to drive safely can be a lifelong foundation of great knowledge for safe driving practices and street education as well as how to maintain a vehicle properly. While this can be a particularly stressful time for a parent or guardian, it's important to take into account how the teenager is feeling regarding nervousness, excitement, and generally feeling unsure about their abilities. If it's helpful for you, there are several resources that will give you helpful hints for teaching driving skills. These can be accessed online at any time of the night or day.

Using free resources like this that are available on the Web not only increases your chances of teaching in a calm, controlled manner, but it also allows you to have the most up-to-date information in terms of ideas and suggestions for the driving training process. In fact, there are actually online courses that will teach parents what to do and how to say things in order to pass on information in the right manner.

One of these online resources can be the driver education handbook for parents. This is a valuable resource that is put out by government agencies that will give you all the information you need to share with your son or daughter and make sure they are well prepared to face the dangers an unexpected environments of the road on a daily basis. Following this handbook or a similar guide will break it down into step-by-step directions that will be easy for both you and your teenager to follow.

The best way to teach is to be an example, therefore any procedures that you want your teenager to do consistently, you need to be practicing yourself. This needs to be done in front of them so they can see that not only do you suggest it for them, but you also believe it to be effective for yourself. Great places to have lessons include empty parking lots where there is a lot of room to move around with little to no traffic. Make sure you agree on a particular study plan, whether that will be maneuvering around corners or parallel parking.

Be sure to let them know a list of items that should be checked before starting the car. For instance, this is the time when you want to adjust your seat and mirrors and make sure your seatbelt fits correctly. You don't want to be adjusting your radio when you're driving down the highway, therefore make sure it's set on the station you want to listen to before you leave. Show them where to keep their cell phone so that it will not be a distraction, and yet will be accessible in case of an accident or emergency.

Road signs will always need to be a priority since they pass along a lot of information as necessary. Teach your teen to keep track of these as well as the surrounding environment at all times. Tunnel vision can occur when you're focusing on the road in front of you; however you need to be aware of what's happening at your side and behind your vehicle as well.

Above all, don't make the process stressful. If you are excitable and worked up, then your teen is going to be stressed and excited. Let them know they are doing well and that practice makes perfect. They are looking to you for encouragement and education at the same time, and if mistakes are made, this is the time to make them. Let them learn in a calm environment so they know how to keep it together in a busy traffic environment as well.

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