Safe Car Seat Options

Safe car seat options should be top priority over style and what we think is cute. In the car, there are not really too many other tools that can protect your infant or toddler in the same manner. This is why it’s important to do some research before you purchase anything to ensure that your money isn’t wasted and you’ve actually bought the right item for your child. You might even want to read reviews online about the car seat with the safest reputation at the time.

There are questions that need to be answered with every car seat purchase, and don't wait until defensive driving class to ask them. The most common is one, “How much does your child weigh?” This is asked because all car seats are not rated at the same weight and there are different levels of security as they get older. If someone tells you there are reasons to avoid using seatbelts at all, that may be true, but they are far outweighed by reasons to put them on every time you get in a car.

Usually, most states require that your child be in some sort of a car seat or booster seat until they are eight years old. This is about the age when they get tall enough to fit into the adult size seat belt without it cutting off circulation in the neck or shoulder areas. If your child reaches the height of 4’9 before that age, then you may consider revising that for you personally. Other than that, they can wear a regular seat belt and sit in the back seat until they are of the age of thirteen or older.

When it comes to your infant, always make sure they are facing the rear of the vehicle. The infant car seats are made in such a way that if your vehicle is involved in a crash, they will protect your child from harm because they are made to go with the flow of the accident. Your baby’s infant seat should simply bounce up with the force of the collision and then come back down safely afterward. While this will not protect from every injury, it’s the safest position for this size of child.

The children need to face to the rear until they are least twenty pounds and one year of age. After that, they can face forward in a toddler seat, and the use of these can continue up until the child weighs approximately forty pounds. Some of these toddler seats actually convert to booster seats when the child gets older, so you won’t have to make a separate purchase at that time. This stretches your dollar as far as possible, at a time when you will be spending a lot on diapers and formula and other common baby expenses.

Installing your car seat can sometimes be difficult if it is a bucket seat, but there are tools to help you do this. Certain clamps hold the seat belt tight behind the car seat in order to get the maximum efficiency. If you’ve done all you can and you still wonder about the safety of the installation, take it to your nearby police or fire department. Staff there is trained on proper installation of safe car seat options and will happily take a look at yours if you request it. They can usually fix anything that is loose and are there to help you make your child as safe as possible. This service is invaluable for first-time parents, and can be a great way to check up on the safety of your child’s car seat at any time.

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