Replacing Windshield Wipers

Replacing windshield wipers might not occur to you until the first time you try to use them after a long summer spell. Then, you will need to wipe the first rain off your windshield and you may discover that there are sections missing or that they are dry and brittle. Either of these conditions means that they are not working at an optimum level that will give you save vision of the road or get rid of the water quickly. However, there are websites online that will lead you through this process in a step-by-step manner for no charge. You can access these at any time so it's easy and convenient for anyone's schedule.

Things to Watch Out For

When you're ready to purchase the replacements, just like when replacing headlights you need to make sure the parts are correct and in this case they are the same length as those already installed. What is the best way to do this? Simply take in the old model and then match it up with what your options are at the auto supply store. However, when you are taking the old ones off your car blades, you must be very careful to not gouge or scratch your windshield. If you are pointing them the wrong way when you release the wiper portion and you are not paying attention, you can cause some serious damage to you glass window.

It's also going to really important to not slap the metal arm back onto the glass so that it creates a crack in the sheet of glass. The best idea is probably to keep them in the lowest position possible while you are looking to purchase the rubber replacement portion. This will keep anyone else from damaging the window by accidentally picking them up and dropping them back on the glass when there is no buffer there to catch the brunt of it. Sliding the new replacement blade onto the arm should be started by keeping everything lined up and centered.

Once you have the groove lined up with the metal arm, then you can simply pull it carefully all the way down to the bottom. When you have finished the sliding motion, be sure to hook up any hook keepers that may be sitting there to prevent things from falling or sliding away. Now, that you've accomplished this on one side, you should be all ready to go for the other side of the windshield. For questions and concerns about this process, you might look into the information that is posted online for this very reason.

Getting Online Education

If you're really brand new to purchasing and replacing the windshield wipers on your car, you might also want to watch the online videos that show you how to complete each step. These are free to use and do not require you to make any obligated purchases for using them. Rather, they can give you a visual of what things will look like when they are completed the right way. It may also help you avoid making common mistakes or possible causing damage to your windshield in the process.

Replacing windshield wipers should be done on a regular basis, and it's a good notation to make in your maintenance log. Then, you will know what their expected life length is and what kind of treatment they have had in the meantime. With these two factors in mind, you'll be able to make an educated guess or informed decision as to when you should purchase replacements. Safety is the most important thing when you're on the highway and windshield wipers are a big part of that.

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