Purchasing New Tires

Purchasing new tires is something that every car owners needs to do at some point. With the selection that out’s there, it can be hard to know what is right for your vehicle without a little research. Some vehicles give you options depending on what you want to do with the car, whether that is raise it or lower it, or perhaps give it an entirely new look. The main thing to watch out for with any different tire than what the manufacturer calls for is that it fits into the wheel wells that are there.

Something that gets forgotten sometimes, like changing brake pads, is that the tires can catch and get caught during the steering process. By getting the right size of tire, you can enhance the look of your vehicle without causing any steering problems or grinding noises during the actual driving of the car. This is important because it can rub tread off a little at a time which unnecessarily wears your tires out faster.

Pricing for new tires can be on a wide range as well. Depending on whom you purchase your tires from, you might be able to get them at wholesale cost. However, if you are going to purchase them from a source like this, make sure the manufacturer’s warranty is still going to apply as normal. Some of these guarantees can be very helpful especially if something goes wrong with the sidewall or tread of the tires soon after purchase.

For retail purchases, depending on the dealer, you may get an excellent warranty included with your purchase. Some have a flat-fix guarantee that they give to each customer no matter what brand of tire is bought. This is very nice and usually results in a high repeat of customers. It also lets the customer feel better about the purchase because they know the dealer is standing behind their product and this saves them money in the long run.

Talking to an expert will help you make these decisions, especially when you are trying to do something unique with your vehicle. They will tell you what your options are as far as what fits, and then you can choose from there which style you like the best. If they show you tires that do not fit into the wheel wells of your vehicle’s structure and you pick them anyway, then that will probably make any warranties offered null and void.

While you are certainly free to make this decision, it really isn’t the best one to make since it costs you twice as much—both in the original purchase and in the replacement much sooner than you would normally have to. Trust the advice of the professionals and you will be much happier with your investment.

Maintenance is going to be key when dealing with purchasing new tires. If you want them to last as long as possible, then make sure you keep them filled with enough air as they need at all times. Do the maintenance that is required and have them rotated regularly. This keeps them from being overused on one side versus another, which can cause sidewall weakness and other issues. Get your car aligned and tires balanced when you have them put on so your investment lasts as long as possible. These and whatever helpful tips your dealer shares with you should be followed. It’s backed by years of expertise and their personal knowledge of fixing tires that have not been regularly maintained and kept up as they should have been.

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