Proper Planning for Long Road Trips

Proper planning for long road trips involves more than just making sure the gas tank is full. Obviously, you want to have the oil changed and all of that before you leave, especially if you are going for a long distance. You should be entirely sure there are no major problems about to make an appearance with your vehicle because getting stranded far away from home can be expensive and troublesome. Of course, if you have your family with you, then you might find that it causes difficulty in taking care of young children or babies simply because you can't get to where you need to go. One thing you may not think about is the need for sunscreen even in the car. If your windows aren't tinted, you will be exposed to the sun for long periods of time and can get a sunburn on the exposed parts of your skin, unless you're driving at night with the high beams on.

Plan a Route with Maps

Make a route map so you know where you're headed. This will help you guide yourselves, short of any detours you may have to follow. It will also let you evaluate possible alternate routes that you can take along the way if you run into problems or want to take a side trip along the way. Keep map information with you if you don't have a portable GPS system. Your smart phone might be a good substitute if you have an Internet connection that you can rely on. If you have a car charger, remember to bring it along.

Make sure you pack snacks and drinks. Depending on how far you have to drive, you may not be sure how far it is between stops and you can save some money at the same time. If you and your passengers have specific dietary needs, then you might not be able to find foods with these needs as you travel. It will be much easier on everyone involved if you have some supplies with you so there are options. Of course, because eating and drinking as you travel creates trash, you should also bring along some trash bags to collect papers and cups. This will keep your vehicle from becoming a mobile trash bin while you drive along.

Plan for Extra Detours

While you want everyone to prepare for a long road trip, extra stops will be required for one reason or another. In order to take advantage of these, make sure everyone gets out and stretches their legs and uses the restroom. This will keep everyone comfortable as they move through the trip and give you a chance to take pictures if you want. Who knows? Maybe one of those vista stops will prove to be especially photogenic. Remember to take turns driving so everyone can get a nap along the way.

Keep in mind that comfort is important. You don't have to dress up when you're in the car and you shouldn't have to worry about looking great. Proper planning for long road trips should also include plenty of comfy shoes, a change of clothes and some pillows and blankets as well. This is good planning for any trip because you never know when an accident can occur. If you are taking young kids, then bring along some games or activities they can enjoy. This might also include a portable DVD player so they can watch their favorite movies. If everyone has a chance to do something they love, then the trip will be that much more enjoyable.

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