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Compare Ohio car insurance requirements, rates and registered providers to find exactly what you are looking for. When it comes to your annual vehicle coverage, you do not want to skimp out on policy options and coverage limits just to find a cheaper quote. Get the best of both worlds when you compare Ohio vehicle insurance. Take advantage of our online search where you can find the best rates on a number of car insurance policies from trusted providers across the state of Ohio.

Car Insurance Regulations

State law requires all drivers to purchase a basic coverage plan which includes $12,500 per injured person up to a total of $25,000 per accident of bodily injury liability as well as property damage liability with a minimum limit of $7,500. When you compare this coverage with other states, you will notice that Ohio laws are quite lenient when it comes to mandatory coverage requirements.

However, just because the basic car insurance coverage is quite low does not mean you should skimp out on your coverage. Keep in mind when you compare Ohio auto insurance that this is the minimum requirement but most drivers will include optional extras as well as higher limits to fully cover the additional costs involved in a car accident. Basic coverage will pay for the costs incurred to the other driver if you are at fault for the accident. This is referred to as a tort system.

Drivers in Ohio will also want to include car insurance to pay for their own expenses if in an accident. Be sure to consider collision and comprehensive coverage which will pay for on and off road expenses if the car accident is your fault or if the accident or damage occurs due to a third party such as a storm, theft, vandalism or hit and run. You can also opt for uninsured/under insured motorist coverage to cover injuries caused by an underinsured driver. You can also include roadside assistance as well as loss of use coverage to your plan to further assist you with accident-related expenses.

Compare Insurance Companies

When you compare car insurance in Ohio, another thing to consider apart from the policy options and limits is the provider. You want to compare price quotes but you also want to compare the different providers in terms of experience and customer satisfaction. After all, if you are ever in a serious car accident you want to be sure that your agency offers you support when you need it most. Another thing to remember when you compare Ohio automobile insurance providers is that every single company is different. While you may be considered a high risk driver with one company, you may be considered a low risk driver with another. What this means is that you could be missing out on an excellent quote simply because you are insuring with the wrong company. When you compare car insurance in Ohio online, you will be able to compare providers as well as policies to find the right fit.

Compare Car Insurance in Ohio Online

The average rate for car insurance in Ohio is just over $1200 which is well below the national average of around $1500. If you are paying much more than this for a standard policy, then it might be time to ask yourself and your provider why. If you are under the age of 25, have a poor driving history or need to insure an expensive vehicle then your rates may be much higher than this; however, if not, then it might be time to make the switch to a new company.

When you compare car insurance in Ohio, you will also have instant access to a number of discounts that you could be eligible for.

Different companies offer different price breaks depending on your age, your lifestyle and several other factors; for example, if you are a good student with a GPA or 3.0 or higher then you could qualify for the good student discount. If you are over the age of 55 and have been driving for a number of years, you could be able to get the mature driver's discount. If you do not drive often or carpool to work, you could be rewarded with a low mileage discount or, if you drive a hybrid or fuel efficient car, you could qualify for a green discount through some companies.

Why pay more than you need to on a service you hope never to use? When you compare Ohio car insurance you can find cheap quotes on all different policies across Ohio. A quick search today could save you thousands of dollars of out of pocket expenses tomorrow. Cut the cost, not the coverage and compare Ohio car insurance today!

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