New Electric Cars

New electric cars are taking the market of automobiles by storm. In the consumer atmosphere where taking care of your environment is high on people’s priority list, these are the perfect solution for conscious consumers who want the most for their money and do not want to buy a used vehicle from a dealer. Never before have you been able to see such a good return on your investment for doing something that is a green decision.

With mileage capabilities reaching one hundred miles per charge, there is a huge market for these vehicles. Gas prices go up and down and at times, that is due to circumstances outside our own country. However, when you have an electric car that does not need to fill up at any one certain time, you are free to make better financial decisions with your money. The full capacity engines give you the opportunity to plug in overnight at an electric station, rather than pour half your wallet’s contents into the gas tank.

These also reduce the smog content of the local cities and towns where you live. Because they can run purely on battery power alone without emitting a cloud of toxic gas, they allow both people and animals to breathe better. They are also very quiet on the roadways, which is nice for both the neighborhood and the person driving the car. Some states are putting into place a zero emission policy for their automobiles and these fit right into that model.

Of course, as technology moves forward, they are figuring out how to pack more ability into smaller spaces. Just because you have an electric car does not mean you can’t have your GPS systems, a great stereo system and all the comforts you would enjoy in a regular gasoline-powered vehicle. All of these benefits and more are able to be acquired and enjoyed in an atmosphere-conscious vehicle. For those who commute long distances, this is a financial savings that it would be crazy to miss out on.

Speed is being integrated into the new designs as well with quick ranges of 0 to 60 accelerations. In fact, some new models are talking about being able to offer over 200 miles on a single charge and go from 0 to 60 in less than ten seconds. They are also starting to arrive in larger sizes than just the mini form you have no doubt seen. They are usually a two-seater vehicle with some trunk storage, but these larger models are allowing for more passengers.

When they first arrived on the scene, these cars were very expensive and could only be afforded by a few. However, as the market improves, the price is coming down and they are now at an affordable price for almost everyone. Depending on the features and benefits you’re looking for, you can find one for less than a regular gasoline-powered sedan or coupe.

There is also a new breed of electric cars arriving that fall into a different category. These have self-imposed speed limits of around twenty-five miles an hour, and they look like everything from motorcycles to dune buggies. With the new designs coming out, they are appealing to a brand new unique audience. For those who want to be on the cutting edge of driving around their local towns, these might be the perfect ticket. The design of new electric cars

allows their motorcycle classification and their speed limits avoid any need for crash testing. These factors allow their price to come down even more so, and open the market up to all kinds of fans. Of course, your travel needs will determine which you choose, but the options are there.

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