New Car Features

New car features vary according to the model and manufacturer that you choose. However, there are certain common unique services that come with many models and these can be researched online. If you're not sure what the benefits of a particular item are, then this information can be found to the dedicated website online. This will help you understand exactly how it makes the car more efficient or helps it become more of a proactive tool for you. It may also help you choose between these items if you are considering adding one or more to your vehicle.

One of the most common additions to new cars is that of the keyless entry system. This allows you to not only unlock the doors and trunk from a distance, but also start the engine sometimes. For those who need to warm up their vehicles before they leave, this can be very efficient because you can leave the car locked and protected from theft, while allowing the engine to warm up. Now if only you can do the same while checking car tire pressure. This simple act that takes about five minutes will prevent a lot of engine problems because the oil is able to get up and start moving around freely before you take off on the highways.

GPS Location and Road Safety

Another feature that is new is the use of an OnStar location system. These allow you to be located in the event of an emergency or accident even if you cannot communicate. This is a safety feature that has saved a lot of lives and help people avoid getting lost at the same time. While sometimes this is a subscription service, you may have access to an emergency contact even without making that regular payment. However, there are other GPS options that can be included and these might be aftermarket devices that you look into.

Tires are becoming more advanced than ever and there are many systems that work hand-in-hand with great tires the same time. These can be included as the antilock brake system and skid control systems that are now becoming more familiar with the newer models. Because many people are not familiar with driving in wet or slippery conditions that sometimes involve ice and snow, these can be life-saving tools for those drivers. Many of us never have a chance to have lessons for driving in hazardous conditions until we actually arrive in that environment. This can be something that helps you and your family be safe and get to your destination in one piece.

Airbags and Other Features

While airbags have been around for a long time, they are learning how to make better use of them. These are now being installed not only in the front of the vehicles, but also along the side of the interior. This will help keep your passengers safe in the back seat so that they don't have flying glass or car frame structure injuries that can really cause a lot of head injuries or brain injuries. These can be very hazardous unless you have the side airbags in place.

While cup holders have always been a favorite with the client base, they are now including power sources that you can use to plug-in your various electronic devices during your commutes or long trips. More vehicles are starting to include these 12V power sources so that you can either charge your cell phone or run a mobile DVD player. However there are some car models that will allow you to power a laptop or other GPS device while you're driving so that you can use the new car features to your benefit without being distracted.

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