Insuring a New Car

Insuring a new car can be accomplished easily by following a few steps. If you already have a pre-existing relationship with an insurance provider, then you will be able to call them and set up an appointment. Once you have that appointment, they will proceed to take photos of your new vehicle, and then give you an estimate for coverage before any new vehicle depreciation occurs.

If you do not have an existing insurance policy, then you will want to shop around to get the best price. The best way to do this is to get quotes online and then see who responds with the best quote. Make sure you look at what is included in this price, as well as an extra features or services that might be valuable in your circumstances.

One thing you might want to look into is the addition of roadside service. Some companies automatically include this with your coverage, while others use a separate membership each year to have the additional feature. This benefits some customers because they might not be full year-long insurance customers but they can still subscribe to the roadside service.

Most of the time, finance companies require that you carry full coverage on a brand new vehicle, so the only things you really need to worry about specifying in your quote comparisons are the deductibles and coverage amounts. Collision and comprehensive can each have their own deductibles per each occurrence and you can also have varying levels of compensation in case of damage to other people or their property.

Uninsured motorists coverage is also required in some states, so you will need to add this to your policy. A typical amount for this portion is $10,000 per incident, and you can either choose to have it or not. You are not required to carry medical coverage for the uninsured motorists, although the option is available with some companies.

These are all features to look at, and then decide how much you want to pay for a deductible when you turn in a claim. The higher your deductible, the less your premiums will be each month. It might be worth it to be safe and maintain a great driving record, so that when you do have to pay a $500 or $1,000 deductible, it is a very rare occasion.

Saving money on your policy can be achieved by taking advantage of various discounts offered by your insurance provider. These can be anything from automatically applied discounts, like student and senior citizen status. They can also be given because you’re married, because you own your home or because you pay your bill online. Anything that is eco-friendly is going to help you get a reduced rate on your bill.

The type of car you choose will also determine your rates, of course. Sports cars typically carry higher levels of risk and are therefore charged more. However, sedans and other family vehicles do not have the same level of risk and carry lower premiums. If you want to pay less than both of these, consider purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle. These zero-emission vehicles and eco-friendly engines get their drivers much lower rates and there are plenty of safety features in the car as well.

Anytime you add safety features like anti-theft devices, lo-jack location devices and GPS, you are going to get discounts that would otherwise not be available. Do a little research before you make a final decision on the style of vehicle you choose, and might end up saving more than you think when insuring a new car.

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