How Many Cars Can I Add to my Policy?

Adding more than one car to your policy is a clever and easy way to save on your annual car insurance. By bundling all your vehicles in your household onto one policy, you will be able to qualify for a multiple vehicle policy with your provider. But how many cars are too many to add to your car insurance policy?

Adding Cars onto your Policy

In the same way many shops will offer ‘buy one, get one half off’ sales, car insurance providers will reward multiple purchasers or those adding vehicles to policies. In most instances you will get a savings of around 20 percent if you bundle two cars onto the same policy than if you choose to insure them separately. However, this number will vary depending on a number of things including the provider of choice, the type of cars you are insuring and the coverage you require for each vehicle.

So how many cars can you add to one policy? This depends on the provider. Many insurance companies are happy to let you add as many cars as you want onto one policy as long as you have the evidence that you are indeed the driver or the driver lives in your household and is connected to the car. You may have a work car, a recreational vehicle, a motorbike and your spouse’s SUV all on the same policy which is totally acceptable as long as each is fully covered for their needs and for the specific owner and operator of the car.

Multiple Vehicle Policy Suspicions

There is a slight problem with insuring several cars on the same policy. In some instances, it is actually against the law. If you are trying to purchase insurance for your teenaged son’s new car, then you might think it is a good idea to insure it under your own policy and list him as an occasional driver; there is nothing wrong with this if he is the occasional driver. However, if it is his car and he drives it regularly, then you may have some problems with your claim process if the truth comes out.

Adding cars to your own policy as a way to save on your rates is actually a classification of fraud. This is referred to as ‘fronting’. If you are found guilty of ‘fronting’ then your insurance provider will not cover your claims cost and you could also be looking at legal consequences as well. It is best to stick to the truth when adding cars onto your policy. If you own several vehicles and drive them all, then putting them onto the same policy is an excellent way to save in the long run.

Every provider is different when it comes to their multiple car insurance policy rules and regulations; some providers may have a limit while others do not. Some may start asking questions if you choose to insure four cars onto the same policy while others will not. Either way, make sure you are choosing the correct amount of coverage for each specific vehicle. You may want full coverage for your SUV that you use to drive the kids around, comprehensive coverage for your classic car that sits in the garage looking pretty, basic liability coverage for your older vehicle that only gets if the SUV is out of commission and commercial car insurance for your truck that carries your work tools and doubles as your portable office. Review your options online for free and find a provider that lets you insure for less when you insure more than one car.

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