If It is a Small Accident Should I Still File a Claim?

A lot of drivers are often curious about whether they should file a claim against their car insurance policy if the accident they're involved in is a small one. Some will tell you that you should never file a claim for a small accident, while others will say that you should always make a claim against your policy whenever it occurs. There really is not one right way to look at the situation, and you're going to have to think about your personal circumstances before you make such a decision.

The reason why you might choose not to file a claim if a small accident were to occur is that you could probably pay for this incident out of your own pocket and have it cost less than the amount of your deductible. Furthermore, filing a claim against your policy could have some negative consequences, such as an increase in your monthly premiums or dropped coverage. These days, insurance companies have a lot of leeway over these kinds of matters and filing a claim against your policy might make you seem like less than a responsible driver.

When Not to File Claims

There are several instances in which is it not advisable to file a claim against your car insurance company. One such instance is when the damage caused the by the accident is very small. That is, you should set a limit for yourself and decide that accidents resulting in this little damage are not worth filing a claim. To help you come up with this number, take a look at your deductible amount. You may want to set your limit for filing claims at anything that is lower than this amount. Or, depending on you deductible, you may want to see a flat limit of something like $1000.

Another instance in which you might not want to file a claim against your policy is when the damage is restricted to just the vehicles involved and no bodily injuries. Although a person may seem okay after an accident, bodily injuries can cause extensive damage that could cost you thousands of dollars in the future. If there is the possibility that someone has gotten hurt in the accident, then you should go with your insurance company. If some things come up in the future, they will be better equipped to deal with it than you are.

If you have filed insurance claims in the past, then you may not want to file a claim for an accident now, even if it is a small one. Insurance companies are going to consider what you have done in the past. Even if you have only filed claims for smaller incidents, these costs can really add up. If an insurance provider begins to think of you as a big risk, then you can be sure that your premiums are going to increase. It may even end up being worse than that, and your policy could get canceled because of your behavior.

Getting No Claims Bonuses

One of the greatest benefits of not filing a claim for a small accident is that you may be able to get some great discounts in the future because of this. A lot of insurance providers are now offering their customers some really serious discounts on their premiums if they do not file any claims against their policies. You could end up saving a lot of money when you get these kinds of discounts, so you should consider this before you decide to file a claim on your policy for a small accident.

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