Driving During a Snow Storm

Any time you have to tackle driving during a snow storm, you need to take certain safety measures to make sure you're fully prepared and have everything you need in case something does occur. Depending on how bad the storm is, you might end up pulling over at some point to wait it out a little bit. However, before you even leave your home or office, you need to make sure that certain things are in working order, including your spark plugs, so you have the best chance of making it home in one piece and without incident.

For those who live in areas where there is a lot of snow, this will be common advice. However it's true that you need to make sure your wipers are clean and in working order. Along with their operation, we need to make sure they have washer fluid filled as well, so if you need to rinse off your window quickly you have the ability to do so. Just in case, make sure you also carry a knife scraping tool with you so that if the ice does build up, you have a way to remove it. Check tire pressure regularly so you can be confident that your tires will have the proper traction and allow you to grip the road as needed.

Heating and Air System Checks

You definitely need to make sure that your heating systems are working, as well as your defrost for your windshield and possibly back window. This is very important so you don't have to continually wipe down the window while you're trying to drive and keep both hands on the wheel. Make sure that you have checked your engine to see that there are no hose cracks or oil leaks that can cause you to break down in the middle of a snowstorm. This can be disastrous depending on where you do break down and it may take a while for help to arrive. Also, you might want to have extra blankets, water and snacks in the car in case you don't have access to a way to keep warm during this time.

If you have been noticing problems with your battery remaining charged, make sure you get these adjusted or fixed as soon as possible. Without a battery, you're not going anywhere and this can result in you being stuck without heat or lights for a significant amount of time. The same goes for your brakes because while you don't want to use the brakes as often during a snowstorm as you would during dry driving conditions, you will need to have those in order to come to a complete stop safely. Try not to get them wet by driving through large piles of snow because this can increase the distance that is required for you to safely stop.

Having a Full Gas Tank

Anytime you can plan ahead, like when you compare auto insurance quotes, and you know you are going to have to be driving in a snow storm: make sure you keep a full gas tank. This is no time to see how far you get on an eighth of a tank and find out that it wasn't far enough. Rather, it's worth the time and financial investment to just make sure it's full and you have as much as you need to get where you're going. Snow storms can be dangerous and driving during a snowstorm requires thinking ahead for both yourself and your passengers. Make sure you follow these commonsense tips and then you'll have a better experience if required to drive during a snowstorm soon.

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