Does my Cost Increase if I Get a Speeding Ticket?

Car insurance rates can change for lots of different reasons, and one of the most common reasons that a driver's premiums might change is because of driver behavior. If you change something about the way that you drive, then it's really likely that your rates are going to change as well. Many car insurance providers offer premiums based on how good a driver's record is, and this record is going to include information regarding car accidents that a driver has been involved in as well as tickets.

Most car insurance companies assign premiums based on the level of risk that a driver poses. They want to insure drivers who are not considered big risks because these drivers don't usually make claims on their policies. Certain types of behavior will cause a provider to classify a driver as a greater risk. Getting into car accidents is one of these things, as is getting different kinds of traffic tickets or facing an auto accident lawsuit. Speeding is something that can get you into a lot of legal trouble, and you could be forced to pay high fines for doing so. A speeding ticket could definitely change how your provider views you.

Speeding Can Increase Premiums

Speeding is considered dangerous behavior by most insurance companies. If you are caught speeding and given a ticket, then that violation is going to go on your driving record. This record is then going to be seen by those companies that you want to apply for coverage with. When a potential provider sees that you have had a ticket for speeding, then they are probably going to question how responsible you are as a driver. If this is the case, then they may not want to offer you the best rates on your auto insurance coverage.

If you have one speeding ticket on your record, then there is no guarantee that your premiums will get raised by your car coverage provider. All auto insurance providers are aware that drivers can sometimes make mistakes out there on the road. Sometimes, you might not even realize that you have been speeding. If this is the case, then you may be able to explain your behavior to your provider or potential providers and avoid being charged higher rates for your coverage. You may even be able to take some driver's education courses that will offset this mark on your record.

If, on the other hand, you have a bunch of speeding tickets on your record, then that is going to be a completely different story. If you keep on getting tickets for the same thing, it is going to demonstrate that you have not really learned your lesson. It will give the impression that you do not care about being safe out there on the road. Car coverage providers are not going to look on this kind of behavior very kindly, so you should avoid getting multiple speeding tickets if at all possible.

Check Your Insurance Policy

There may actually be a clause in your insurance policy that says what will happen if you get speeding tickets. Sometimes, insurance providers will cover their bases and state that your premiums will increase if you prove to be irresponsible as a driver. Other times, there will be nothing in your contract about premium increases after speeding tickets. If you are curious, though, you can speak to your agent to see what the penalties for speeding tickets are. It's better for you to know the consequences so that you can avoid this behavior.

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