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Looking to compare free auto insurance rates? This is one of the most effective ways to get a cheap deal on your vehicle coverage. Whether you are looking for basic coverage or full coverage, looking for annual coverage or temporary car insurance, when you compare free auto insurance quotes you will get information you want without the price tag that usually comes with it. Eliminate the middle man and go straight to the source when you compare free auto insurance rates online.

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Auto insurance, unfortunately, is not free. And, for many people, it is also not cheap. The average driver in the United States will pay around $1500 per year for their vehicle coverage. However, in some states and for certain drivers, the average rates are double, if not triple this amount. Some drivers may be able to get away with only the bare minimum amount of coverage and a policy of under $500 per year but you can expect to pay around $1000-$2000 each year for coverage.

Of course there are ways to compare and lower your annual coverage. Opting for the bare minimum which is usually liability coverage, is one way to lower your premium. You can also choose a higher deductible or excess which will also give you a much lower rate. Or, you can consider buying a pay as you drive policy where you only pay for the mileage that you actually drive. This is a good option for people that do not drive often.

Another great way to get a much lower quote is to compare temporary or monthly coverage instead of annual insurance. If you take your car off the road for a few months out of the year and stop paying for coverage during this time, then you can benefit from temporary or monthly coverage. Think outside the box when you compare  auto insurance quotes to get the best free deals no matter what.

Look into the various free discounts on offer when you compare free auto insurance online. Providers want your business and many will offer 5 percent, 10 percent or even 20 percent off their premiums to eligible customers. Students, mature aged drivers, occasional drivers and safe drivers can all benefit when they compare car discounts on offer.

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No two drivers are the same. When you compare the various insurance options and free quotes you want to consider a number of things which will reflect the policy you choose. One of these things is the type of auto you drive. If you are insuring an old bomb barely worth its weight then you can probably get away with the bare minimum; however, if you are driving a new or expensive auto, from an SUV or a convertible, you will want to protect your ride with adequate coverage.

Think about your current financial and family situation. Are you living alone? Do you have young children? Are you married? Are you working? Do you have a mortgage? Are you barely scrapping by each month or do you have a large nest egg?

Why do these questions matter when you compare free auto insurance? The reason is simple – if you are ever in a serious car accident, then all of a sudden your financial situation and home life could be flipped upside down, especially if you do not have adequate coverage. You may be unable to work and be stuck in hospital for a while. If this is the case, how will you keep food on the table? How will you pay the mortgage? How will you support your family? For many people that have financial responsibilities, the answer lies in investing in enough auto insurance to keep life going as smoothly as possible even after a serious auto accident. With personal injury protection, for example, your provider will pay for certain medical related expenses so you don’t have to dip into your nest egg or go into debt in order to recover.

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Finally, when you compare free auto insurance, think about your individual driving history and needs. Even if you have never been in an accident, you may be spending a lot of time on the road, battling the heavy traffic. Or, you may live in a rural community and barely see another vehicle on the road. The former driver will probably want to purchase more coverage than the latter. In general, the more you drive, the more likely chance that you will need to make a claim. Regardless of what type of auto you drive, how much you drive and how financially secure you are, compare free auto insurance online to get the best rates for your specific needs.

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