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Compare commercial vehicle insurance today to get the most adequate coverage both on and off the road. Your commercial vehicle is not just a form of transportation but it is also your pay check at the end of the week. Thus, in a way, when you compare commercial vehicle insurance you are getting both car insurance as well as income protection in one.

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Choosing coverage for your business truck should not be something you rush into. After all, you want to look at all the coverage options to determine what you need and what you can go without when comparing auto insurance premiums. There are more coverage choices and options available for commercial truck drivers.

In some instances your employer may be responsible for paying the commercial vehicle insurance. If this is the case, then you want to discuss what type of coverage is on the policy and ensure that your name is included. Consider yourself lucky if your employer is insuring all commercial trucks under his name as this will save you a lot of hassles in the long run.

However, if you are a contractor or if you have your business truck in your name, then you will need to purchase and compare commercial vehicle insurance. It is important that you purchase and compare enough coverage to pay for all related costs to your vehicle as well as to yourself. After all, if your vehicle is seriously damaged and you are seriously injured, you are not only out of a car, but also out of work.

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When you compare commercial vehicle insurance, the amount of coverage you need to purchase will depend on where you live. Every state has a different mandatory requirement for their drivers when it comes to their car protection laws. However, you can expect the coverage options to be much the less the same regardless of what state you live in.

Liability coverage is usually required in all states and comes in two different forms – bodily injury liability and property damage liability. In most states, this type of protection will pay for any expenses to the other driver if you are liable for the accident. This is what ‘liability’ refers to.

Uninsured motorist is another popular type of coverage and will pay for any costs you have endured during an accident if the other driver is not adequately covered. Uninsured motorist coverage comes in a property damage and bodily injury form for both damage to your car as well as medical related expenses to yourself. While some states require their drivers to purchase, other states leave it as an option. Compare your state requirements to see what you need to do.

Personal injury protection is another excellent type of coverage to consider when you compare commercial vehicle insurance and will pay for medical related costs in the event of a serious injury. Unfortunately, almost all heavy duty truck accidents will result in a serious injury or a fatality. This is due to the sheer size of the car as well as the heavy impact of the crash. If you are seriously injured you could be looking at weeks, if not months or years of rehabilitation. You may not be able to work anymore and you may lose your income. Personal injury protection includes compensation for several medical related costs including loss of income protection as well as rehabilitation expenses. You can choose the limit you want, anywhere from $2,500 to $500,000.

Roadside assistance is another type of coverage that can go a long way when you compare commercial vehicle insurance. This will pay for your breakdown or towing costs. It can be quite expensive to tow a large truck off the road after an accident; it is best to have this additonal cost taken care of in advance. Compare commercial vehicle insurance policies to see if this extra is included.

Finally, you might also want to compare and consider loss of use coverage as well as contents protection if you have a lot of items in your truck. If you are transporting tools or goods and are in an accident, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in lost materials on top of the additonal break down costs and medical fees. Compare each policy to see if contents protection is included or if you are able to add this feature onto your policy.

Compare Commercial Vehicle Insurance Prices

You can expect a higher quote when insuring a commercial truck when you compare your costs to your traditional vehicle insurance. Before you rush into any policy, compare commercial vehicle insurance options and look over the fine print. After all, commercial motor vehicle insurance is not just about protecting your car; it is also about protecting your income as well as your lifestyle.

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