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Compare car insurance and find the most suitable and affordable policy for your specific driving needs. No two drivers are the same and thus it does not make sense to insure with a policy that is not based on your specific needs. Why choose a basic coverage plan that will not even begin to pay for the damages to your expensive convertible? Why choose to include loss of use coverage if you have a spare car sitting in the driveway? When you compare vehicle insurance, you are ensuring that you are completely covered for anything the road of life may send your way.

Compare State Coverage Options

Every state is different when it comes to car insurance; however, all states require that their drivers purchase at least some level of coverage. The mandatory coverage is usually referred to as basic coverage and will vary depending on how the state operates. When you compare car insurance rate, be sure to also compare what is required and what is optional under your state's rules and regulations.

While some states operate under a tort system, other operate under a no fault system. If your state operates under a tort system, this means that whoever is responsible for the car accident will need to pay for the damages to both themselves and the other drivers. Under a tort system, bodily injury liability and property damage protection is mandatory to pay for the other driver's damages. However, most drivers that live in a state using the tort system will also compare quotes that include personal injury protection, collision and comprehensive coverage (known as full coverage) to pay for their own damages and medical related expenses as well.

Under the no fault system, driver's do not usually have to purchase bodily injury liability but they will need to purchase personal injury protection as well as property damage protection to pay for the damages to their own cars and their passengers. Some states also require their drivers to purchase underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection. Other states offer these as optional extras as well as roadside assistance for towing related expenses and loss of use coverage for rental car fees.

Compare Car Insurance Prices

When you compare auto insurance quotes, your rates will depend on a number of factors. As mentioned above, where you live will make a huge difference. Compare some states that have an average rate of under $1000 to other states' car insurance rates tip the scales at over $2500. When you compare your car insurance, do not be put off if your rates higher than the average. You could be looking at much more or much less than the national average depending on what you are looking for and your individual risk level.

When you compare car insurance, you need to understand what makes up your rates. Factors such as your age, your gender and your marital status will make a big difference when you compare rates. Young drivers tend to be placed in the high risk category while drivers over the age of 55 tend to be considered low risk drivers simply because they have been driving for a number of years.

Additonal factors that determine your car insurance quote include your driving history, your credit record, the type of vehicle you drive and how much you drive. When you compare car insurance rates, consider how you stack up. Do you drive a safe and reliable SUV or a V8 convertible with a high theft rating? Do you drive every day through rush hour traffic and poor road conditions or do you limit your time on the road? Do you have a driving history with a number of traffic fines, fees and convictions or have you been relatively safe on the roads? Do you have a mountain of debt that could be negatively impacting your credit score or are you able to manage your finances?

Finding Car Insurance Discounts

There are several car insurance discounts to consider when you compare automobile insurance. If you are over the age of 55, you could be eligible for a mature driver's discount. Families may be able to qualify for a multi policy discount or, if you only drive once and a while, consider a low mileage discount. Some providers even offer a green discount to those that drive a hybrid or fuel efficient vehicle. You could also save on your vehicle coverage by being part of a certain alumni or organization or even owning a certain type of credit card. You don't know what deals you could be missing out on unless you shop around and see what's out there. Take advantage of our online search where you can compare car insurance policies, providers and premiums from the comfort of your own home.

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