Will I be Covered if Someone Else is Driving my Car?

A question that arises for a lot of drivers these days is whether or not their car insurance will cover the damages that are caused if someone else is driving. If you're considering letting someone else drive your vehicle, then this is something that you need to study up on before you do so. A basic answer to the question is that some drivers might be covered when their in your vehicle, but this does not go for everyone who might get behind your wheel. Before you give anyone your keys, you need to know the facts about your insurance coverage.

When it comes down to it, who is covered while driving your vehicle is going to depend on a lot of different factors. For one thing, it's going to depend on the rules set up by your car insurance provider and on the policy that you have selected. That means that the rules are likely to be different for each driver out there on the road, but will always depend on what your car insurance company has to say about things. Before you ever let another person drive your vehicle, then you need to be aware of your rules.

Drivers in Your Household

There are lots of instances in which someone else could be driving your car and be covered by your insurance policy including after speeding tickets coverage when the passenger is asked to drive by an officer. If you allow someone who lives in your household to drive your car and that person is currently on your policy, then they are obviously going to be covered. It doesn't matter if you are the one who owns the vehicle, it only matters that the person is listed under your car insurance policy. In that case, these persons would be completely protected.

If you have drivers who live in your household but they are not listed on your car insurance policy, then this is going to be a different matter. These persons are not going to be covered under you policy at all. It's generally your responsibility to let your insurer know about drivers who live in your house. If one of these drivers who is not on your policy gets behind the wheel of your car, then your insurance company is not going to pay for the damages. If that person has insurance coverage of his or her own, then their coverage may end up paying for it.

Dealing with Other Drivers

If there are other drivers who happen to get behind the wheel of your car, they may or may not be covered based on the policy that you select. Some insurance companies will allow you to purchase the type of policy that will cover drivers as long they don't live in your household. It will cost more money for you to do this, but it could mean that your car could be driven by others. This could really make a difference if you are wanting to go on a road trips with some friends or family.

One thing that you need to remember is that your insurance provider is not going to cover an accident if the driver is not driving legally. If someone is driving your vehicle and he or she does not have a valid license, then your car insurance coverage company could refuse to pay. This can happen even if the person's license is expired and needs to be renewed. Keep this in mind before you let anyone use your car, as it's the only way to really protect your asset.

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