Adding a New Driver to Your Policy

There is a certain procedure that is very common to insurance clients and that is adding a new driver to your policy. This is because you might have gotten married, had a child become of driving age, or just decided to share coverage with another person in your family. This can save you some serious money especially if you both have good driving records and a very low number of accidents or incidents on your record. Whenever you have multiple cars and multiple drivers on the same policy, then the monthly payments will be cheaper.

Method for Revising a Plan

The procedure for changing your plan like this is also fairly simple. By contacting your agent, you can let them know who the new driver is and submit all of their personal information. Of course, this will include their name, date of birth, driver's license number and of course, the license plate number of their automobile. All of these pieces of information will give them a chance to pull up their record and see if they are a good fit for the company. Once they have done this, they will be able to let you know what the potential price range is or will be. If you submit this information online, then you only need to do it once. From there, the competing establishments who offer insurance in that area will be able to compete for your bid quickly and easily so you can focus on your used car leather seat repairs.

Depending on what their record looks like, they will then ask you if you want to change your policy at all. You can revise coverage amounts for the different portions of your plan, such as comprehensive and collision, uninsured motorists, and other details. Once you find out how much you'll save, you can also talk about changing the deductible. If you can save between 20% to 30% on the policy in general, then you may also consider raising the deductible per incident. Actions and decisions like this can help you save twice as much as you would have. Talk to the person who is going to become a part of your policy to see how they feel about the proposals, and if they will work with their current budget.

Age Groups of Additional Drivers

The age of the new driver will change the discounts you're eligible for. Students and seniors usually enjoy an automatic discount, but other clients who are married, have an eco-friendly car, or some other item that will make it more financially feasible. Talk to your broker about the price quotes they can offer you for a driver of that age group, and then use that information as you compare various providers who offer coverage in that region. You'll find that shopping online to do this will be easier and more convenient than calling around to each individual office or establishment.

Another thing to look at when adding a new driver to your policy is the fact that your coverage will change, but you don't have to lose control of the plan. The company you choose may offer you opportunities to take safety classes or refresher courses for driving behaviors. Completing these will make you eligible for safe driver discounts that will continue as long as you maintain those techniques. This is why seeking out professional advice like this is a worthy investment of your time. While you may be sharing these costs with someone else, you should still try to keep as much money in your pocketbook as possible.

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